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Do you have any New Years resolutions involving your health? Maybe weight loss goals!  Get ready to kick those goals out of the park! I did, but my Healthier Me came along way before my New Years resolutions. Normally I’m a very private person when it comes to my health, but my friends compelled me to tell my story.  If I could help just one person who suffered like me than it is worth it.

When they call your name at the doctor’s office your first pit stop is the dreaded scale. I’d step up, and the nurse would fiddle with the weights. She’d slide the top bar over, and tap it till it balanced.  She’d glace down at the chart, and say “Hmmmm you’re 20 pounds heavier than two weeks ago.”  Yep, I feel it.  All of it water that my body insists on holding on to. Some days it’s hard to breath. That water looms around your chest cavity restricting it. I have hypothyroid, and severe anemia. At least I know the why.  Once, a doctor tried to tell me I was tired because I was a busy mom.  No, not this kind of tired.  You don’t earn this kind of tired.

Not all Isagenix stories are about weight loss.  This one could be, but it’s not. I started using Isagenix out of pure desperation. I am a terrible eater. I know right now you’re thinking, “Oh I am too.” By terrible I mean I don’t eat. I don’t feel hungry. I could wake up, skip breakfast, and before I realize its dinner, and I haven’t consumed one bit of food.  Then there are days where the exhaustion is so bad my body is craving sugar, and I’m eating everything I shouldn’t.  It’s a double edged sword. I would be remised if I didn’t mention the terrible stomach aches I would have just from eating a normal meal.  Hypothyroid put my metabolism at a dead stand still.

I’m not against medication. They do have hormone replacements they can give you to treat hypothyroid. I don’t want to be on a daily medication. I wanted answers. I wanted a way to restart my metabolism, and help my body heal itself.  I am not a health guru, or one of those wellness people.  I eat burgers from McDonalds occasionally, and I microwave things in plastic containers. I needed to eat more. I needed to eat healthy, and I needed it to be easy.  Get up early, and make an egg white for breakfast, not gonna happen.  Get up early, and eat high fiber wheat bread, ugh. I’m not getting up early. I have to set real expectations for myself, and for real, I’m not getting up early. By the time I hit snooze for the third time I will already have convinced myself how I don’t need those egg whites.



Here’s where Isagenix has saved me!  Do I have to eat breakfast? Nope!  I can have a chocolate milkshake, or a vanilla one with fruit, or a strawberry one with bananas.  I wake up, not early. I make my shake and toss it in my cup. I happily sip my shake while I’m making lunches, getting kids dressed, and driving everyone to school. Oh my goodness, I JUST ATE BREAKFAST! The best part, no stomach ache!  In three hours I’m out running errands, I have no time to eat, nor do I want to. Simple solutions almonds, or part of a protein bar.  When lunch rolls around it’s all about how I feel.  I could decide on a protein bar and a water, or salad with chicken. Isagenix has made it simple and versatile and the best part, no stomach aches. Eating every three hours is essential to keeping my metabolism chugging along. Isagenix makes that possible for me.

Since starting Isagenix I have so much more energy, I feel good.  I no longer hate to eat. I’m actually hungry.  I have lost the constant water weight.  I’ve also lost weight and inches.  My skinny jeans need a belt. I recently needed to buy new yoga pants because mine were TOO BIG!  I never thought yoga pants could be too big.  They were falling down during my workouts. Isagenix has been the gateway to a healthier life style for me. It never feels like I’m on a dietjeffery


Here’s my very good friend Jeffrey.  I have know Jeffrey all my life.  He wasn’t always a “big guy”.  However, for a really long time, he was. He discovered Isagenix, and it changed his whole life! He has an amazing story. He inspires me! I have read countless success stories! This program really works.

If you have any questions email me at I can help you get started! I will help you get in touch with a wellness coach:)

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