8 Ways To Re-Purpose Wine Bottles

8 Ways To Re-Purpose Wine Bottles

Some of us drink lots of wine. The holidays are upon us, and we have even more empty wine bottles; because of guests.  Yea, that’s it, guests.

Here are 8 fun ways to reuse those wine bottles in your own home.


#1 Dish Soap Dispenser 

Wine bottles are re-purposed into soap dispensers simply by adding a bottle spout. You can grab bottle spouts almost anywhere and they are relatively cheap.  You can get fancy and decorate your wine bottle with etched glass, decals, or paint.  Wine bottles are much more pleasing to the eye than consumer packaging.  Wine bottles also hold a lot of dish soap.

bottle spouts 2bottle spouts1



#2 Candy Holder

Make sure your wine jar is clean and dry.  We don’t want our candy smelling like wine, or do we? Add a fun decal for a label, or paint a label on with chalk board paint. If you’re into chugging your M&Ms, like I am you’ll love this idea.


wine bottle candy holderwine bottle candy holder 2


#3 Keep Tall Boots In Shape

Use your empty wine bottles to keep your tall boots in shape.



photo credit: Thisoldhouse.com

#4 Wine Bottle Solar Garden Lights

Check out redoityourselfinspirations@blogspot.com for directions on creating a wine bottle solar light. This is one of my favorite ideas. If there was a lighted wine path, I’d probably follow it anywhere.

Wine Bottle stopper solar light redoit

solar wine bottle lights


#5 Book Ends

You could actually do this with empty, as well as unopened bottles of wine. You really never know when you may need to open a bottle on a whim, but i digress. The bottles can be painted or etched to match your decor.

photo credit: Native Youth Standing Strong

photo credit: Native Youth Standing Strong


#6 Wine Bottle Flower Vase

Wine bottles can actually be transformed into rustic flower vases, or stunning center pieces. Click the pictures for more info, and how to do-it-yourself.

rustic wine bottle1rustic wine bottle2

wine vase 1















#7 Wine Bottle Jewelry Holder




#8 Wine Bottle Garden Edging

You can use wine bottles to edge your garden flower beds. Click the pictures to see how.

wine bottle garden edger




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