10 Items You Should Be Buying At The Dollar Store

10 Items You Should Be Buying At The Dollar Store

You can save BIG buying these 10 items from your local Dollar Store. The products are the same quality and in some cases name brand items.

1.) Hair Accessories: Brushes, combs, and hair bands/ scrunchies:
I know I go through A LOT of elastic hair bands. They run away somewhere, probably with the matches to most of my socks. They can be pretty costly if you pick them up at the super market or drug store. The Dollar Store has a good selection of hair accessories. Some of them are name brand products, and are just as good as the same products in other stores. There are usually a good selection of combs and brushes as well. The cost is so low you can buy a few, maybe leave one in the car for that child who always seems to forget about their hair.

hair stuff

2.)Holiday Items:
Take a look in your local Dollar Store just before a holiday and you may be pleasantly surprised at the selection of items available. Holiday themed gift bags and wrapping paper are just the beginning. You can find housewares such as kitchen towels, table clothes, coffee mugs, glasses, and oven mitts. They also offer a bunch of holiday toys in multi packs for those classroom goodie bags. They also have a fun selection of holiday decorations.

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christmas decore

3.) Baby Wipes
Baby wipes aren’t just for babies. We all use them for everything. I grab a few packages when I’m there. They are great to keep in the car for sticky fingers, or spills, or just to wipe down the dashboard.

4.) Exfoliating Mesh Puffs and Loofas
These magic dead skin removers can be picked up for just a buck.

5.) Name Brand Body Wash
As anyone who uses body wash knows they can be upwards of $4.00-$5.00. I grab of few bottles for use at the gym or when my kids go for sleep overs.

baby wipes

6.) Gift Wrap and Party Supplies

The Dollar Store usually has a pretty good selection of gift wrap for any occasion. They also have gift boxes, ribbon, and tissue paper.  Some times the quality is cheaper, and gift bags not as sturdy as those sold in other stores. It’s all getting ripped up, and thrown away anyway. Same goes for party supplies.  You can find paper table clothes, mylar and latex balloons, streamers and more.  While they may not have your child’s favorite character on them, you can always buy products in colors that match your theme.

wrapping paper

7.) Disposable Tupperware/ Storage Containers

The tupperware goes out, but it doesn’t always come back, especially when in kids lunches. You can get 2-4 containers depending on size. I keep these around for packing certain school lunch items, and for guest to take home left overs.


8.) Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies at the dollar store like window cleaner and bleach are just as effective as the name brands in the supermarket.  In some cases you can get name brand cleaners like Ajax and Comet.  You can also find name brand air fresheners.


9.) Kitchen Utensils

You can find a large variety of kitchen utensils, measuring cups, colanders, and more.  In most cases they are a heavy duty plastic.  Check out the tableware as well.


10.) Hand Soap/ Sanitizers

While The Dollar Store does carry hand soaps in a variety of fragrances with wacky unheard of labels, they usually have some name brand choices as well.  Soft soap is a product I can always find at my local Dollar Store.  They even have the large refill containers with out the pump.

hand soap

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