Christmas Wine Glass Candle Craft

Christmas Wine Glass Candle Craft:

Christmas Wine Glass Candle Craft is simple, easy, and fun.  Mostly all of our items were purchased at the Dollar Store.  Its a great craft for kids to make and even give as gifts.











  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Silver Candle (the size and color is your preference)
  • Ornaments from the Dollar Store i.e. pine cones, snowflakes, tiny wrapped presents, etc.
  • Jar of snow (Floral Craft Diamond Dust)
  • Sequins (your choice of color we used a blue and silver mix)
  • Old Christmas Cards


1.) Using old Christmas cards that are of some thickness, flip your wine glass over and trace the shape of the glass rim on the card. Then cut it out.



2.) That card circle will serve as your base for most items.  Using the hot glue gun, glue your ornaments to the card circle base.  If its tiny presents, or drums you can form an arrangement by stacking.












If its a hanging ornament (like the snowflake bell shown below) place your wine glass upright, put a small puddle of hot glue in the very bottom of the glass. Hold your ornament into the glue until the glue stiffens.












3.)Clean your wine glass.  Make sure there are no smudges or finger prints inside the glass.

4.)With your glass in an upright position add sequins and diamond dust, as much as you desire.  Enough to cover the base once its glued on is plenty.











4.) Using your hot glue gun. Add hot glue all around the rim of your glass. And quickly add your circular card base, and press down to help the glue create a firm bond.

5) Once the base is secure and dry, flip your wine glass up side down.

6.) Gun some hot glue on to the bottom of your wine glass, and add your candle.


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