Fall Leaf Crafts

Fall Leaf Crafts:

Fall Leaf Decorating:

During the Fall we have an abundance of LEAVES.  They are everywhere and I spend lots of time raking them and packing them into leaf bags for collection.  I found some really fun ways to put some of those leaves to good use.  Fall leaves decorated can add some rustic charm to your homes decor. Even better this craft is so easy the kids can join in and have some fun creating their own fall leaf projects.




Dried, Flat Fall Leaves

Gold Sharpie

Silver Sharpie

For Kids: (If your concerned with them getting Shapie marker on their skin you can give them a pair of rubber gloves to wear)


  1. Select leaves from mother natures abundance.  Try to find leaves that are dry, inside and out, and relatively flat.

I like to place my leaves under a few heavy books for a day or two to flatten them out even more.






2.  Design away using your Gold and Silver Sharpie Markers

PicMonkey Collage leaves













Once your leaves are decorated the possibles are only limited to your own imagination.


Fall Leaf Crafts:Thanksgiving Table Placeholders

Leaf craft table marker

leaf place holderfall leaf placeholder

















Fall Leaf Crafts: Fall Leaf Hangings

1.Color Three Dried Flat Leaves Gold or Bronze

2.Using a Silver Sharpie Write One Letter On Each Leave To Spell Out Fall

3. Use Raffia, Twin, or some rustic ribbon to hang your letters.

Fall leaf hanginga in Fall

















Fall Leaf Crafts: Decorating Using The Leaves

  • Candle base on a table
  • Pumpkin and leaf arrangement
  • Leaves and Pine cones in a glass bowl


leaf craft candle baseLeaves around candle baseleaf craft decoratingDecorated Leaves in a glass bowl

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