Fall Leaf Crafts: Light Up Jar

Fall Leaf Crafts: Light Up Jar

Leaf and Bean Glass Light Up Jar

leaf and bean light up jar completed











  • Dry Flat Fall Leaves
  • Goya Dry Bean Mix
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • White Christmas Lights or Small Light Up Votive
  • Raffia, Twine, or Rustic Ribbon
  • Clean dry glass jar

1: Choose the leaves you’d like to place around your glass jar.

2. Place hot glue on the back of the leaf, and press the leaf firmly to the glass jar. Continue this process till you have the desired look you want.


Leaf and Bean Jar










3. Add Goya beans to the glass jars open spaces using hot glue.  Gun hot glue directly to area you’d like to cover with beans, and place beans on accordingly. Continue this process until you’ve achieved your desired look.


Leaf and bean jar










4. Hot glue Raffia, Twine, or rustic ribbon around the top of the jar.

leaf craft: leaf and bean jar










5. Add Lights

Leaf Craft: Leaf and Bean light up jar

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