DIY Christmas Countdown Wreath Craft

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D.I.Y Christmas Countdown Wreath Craft

Let the countdown to Santa’s arrival begin with this fun calendar that reveals a surprise every day of the month.

My D.I.Y Christmas Countdown Wreath has a little twist.  Instead of using small chocolates, or small toys; I decided to tell a story,  Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Each day contains a couple lines from the story, going in order.  Day 1 contains the first two lines from the story, while day 25 contains the last few.  Next to the wreath will hang a few sheets of red paper. Each day that is torn open will reveal more of the story.  The children can open their day, glue their piece of the story to the board, and we can read the story together.  *Ideally you should probably finish the story on December 24th, Twas the Night Before Christmas. However, i have 5 children so I needed that extra day to even it up.

Let’s get started:










I used the cardboard tubes from paper towels, and toilet paper for my cups

Clear Elmers Glue



Hot Glue Gun

Tissue Paper

Wrapping Paper


I created my wreath on poster paper using a protractor.  I then covered it with some festive Christmas wrapping paper.











I measured the cardboard tubes, and cut smaller tubes; all of the same size.  I added hot glue to the bottom edge, and glued the small tubes to the wreath.










Inside the tubes I rolled up a piece of the story.  (I copied the story into a word document and printed it on my printer)











I covered the small tubes with a piece of tissue paper and glued it around the sides with Elmers clear glue,  then added the numbered day on top.  (I also printed the numbers  from my printer)

You could use sticker paper if you have it on hand.

I hot glued a piece of ribbon on the back for hanging.

And, That’s It!













I found this Christmas Countdown Wreath that used Kcups, if you have those, this is a good recycle project.


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  1. Hi! Great looking wreath! Thanks for sharing the link to my blog, too! I really appreciate it. :-) Have a wonderful Christmas!

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